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Monday, November 06, 2006

Why have a database and a DBMS?

An organization uses a computer to store and process information because it hopes for speed, accuracy, efficiency, economy, etc. beyond what could be achieved using clerical methods. The objectives of using a DBMS must in essence be the same although the justifications may be more indirect.

Early computer applications were based on existing clerical methods and stored information was partitioned in much the same way as manual files. But the computer's processing speed gave a potential for RELATING data from different sources to produce valuable management information, provided that some standardization could be imposed over departmental boundaries.

The idea emerged of the integrated database as a central resource. Data is captured as close as possible to its point of origin and transmitted to the database, then extracted by anyone within the organization who requires it. However many provisions have become attached to this idea in practice, it still provides possibly the strongest motivation for the introduction of a DBMS in large organizations. The idea is that any piece of information is entered and stored just once, eliminating duplications of effort and the possibility of inconsistency between different departmental records.

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