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Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Database Characteristics and Advantages

Database is used for centralized management of data. Compared to the conventional file system, the database has the following characteristics and advantages:

Conventional file system
Minimal data duplication. The rule is: “input once- use many times”
As a result, data inconsistencies are minimized and the latest information is made available at any time.
Introduces massive data duplication because data was stored in many different files.
Each database file is shared by many application programs and data can be modified easily.
Each application program had its own files.
Supports many kinds of requests for data. Since data is stored in a form most appropriate for practical use, data can be retrieved for unexpected or nonstandard requests.
Thus, one achieves greater expandability and cost reduction.

Inflexible: it addresses only the needs that have been considered during the design.

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